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Tooth Extractions

General & Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Grand Prairie

General & Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Grand PrairieAlthough the focus of dentistry is on protecting your natural teeth, sometimes, a tooth may be too damaged or infected to save. When that happens, you want a dentist you can trust to perform a gentle and precise tooth extraction to save your smile. At Great Southwest Family Dental, we provide experienced extractions for standard cases and wisdom teeth. We'll do all we can to help you feel safe and comfortable during your dental treatment as we help you achieve better oral health.

Whether you need a tooth extraction for a diseased tooth, dental trauma, or to remove problematic wisdom teeth, our dentist has the skills and attentive care you need. Our treatment looks beyond the immediate need to promote your long-term health, preserving the jawbone and providing quality tooth replacements. With our help, you can expect to overcome dental issues and achieve a healthy, functional smile once more. Call us today to book your consultation.


Why Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction refers to the complete removal of a tooth. Extractions are mainly performed because of advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, wisdom teeth, or orthodontic treatment.

In most cases, extractions are performed as a last resort, as there are numerous advantages to keeping a natural tooth. However, if the tooth structure is too badly compromised or it is severely infected, the health risks may outweigh the benefits of keeping the tooth in place. In such cases, an extraction removes the problematic tooth and creates new opportunities to protect and restore the smile.

Types of Tooth Extractions

There are two types of tooth extractions that we perform at Great Southwest Family Dental, they include:

  • Simple Extraction: During simple tooth extractions, the dentist will loosen your tooth before they remove it. Our general dentists can perform a simple extraction and will do all we can to make the process simple and comfortable for you.
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction: Surgical tooth extractions are performed when removing a tooth that is extremely damaged, impacted, partially erupted, or otherwise difficult to remove. During the surgical tooth extraction, the dental will numb the area using a local anesthetic. The tooth may be removed whole or in pieces, whichever is safest for the patient.

Our Grand Prairie Tooth Extraction Process

Once our dentists confirm that tooth extraction is necessary for your case, we will complete the entire procedure within a single visit. Our dentists use digital x-rays and imaging technology to examine your tooth and develop a plan for successful extraction.

Before beginning the tooth extraction procedure, our dental expert will numb the area and give you sedation as required. Special tools are employed to remove the affected tooth or teeth, and gauze is placed over the gap left to protect the oral tissues as they heal. Depending on your situation and goals, our dentists may also provide additional treatment during the same appointment, such as bone grafting to preserve the jawbone density for later implant placement.

Immediate Implant Placement

Immediate Implant PlacementLosing a front tooth can significantly impact not only your oral health and function, but your self-esteem and social interactions. If you need a front tooth extracted, the more quickly it can be replaced, the better your situation overall. Our dentists offer immediate implant placement for front teeth using a technique called IDR (immediate dentoalveolar restoration). This method allows us to replace the tooth the same day as your tooth extraction, so you won't spend as much time with an incomplete smile.

The dentist uses a small sliver of bone taken from the wisdom tooth area and transplants it in the socket of the extracted tooth, thus creating a solid foundation for a dental implant. The implant post is then placed, and will fuse with the surrounding bone over time. Our dentist will design a beautiful custom crown made in a dental lab to top your implant. Once the crown is ready, you'll have a complete smile once more.

Reasons for Dental Extractions in Grand Prairie

There are many reasons why patients may require a tooth extraction in Grand Prairie. The goal in each situation is to help you achieve optimal oral health, and is only used when the impact of the tooth on your smile outweighs the benefits of keeping it in place. Our dentists may recommend extraction in cases of:

  • Tooth Decay: Tooth decay occurs when the cavity has formed and remains untreated for a long time. Decay weakens the tooth and eventually reaches the pulp, causing a painful infection. An extraction may be necessary to reduce pain and prevent the spread of decay to other teeth.
  • Dental Damage: When your teeth are damaged because of dental trauma, our dentists will attempt to restore the tooth with dental bonding or a crown. However, if the damage is too severe, we may be unable to repair the tooth and will perform an extraction instead.
  • Dental Abscess: A dental abscess is an infection that forms at the tooth root and tissue. In such a case, root canal therapy is often used to save your tooth. However, if the infection is extreme or the tooth becomes repeatedly infected, extraction could offer better long-term health.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most commonly performed oral surgeries. Wisdom teeth that develop problems will need an extraction. When your jaws are not large enough to accommodate your wisdom teeth, they may become misaligned or impacted. Wisdom teeth may grow sideways, remain trapped beneath your bone and gums, or only partially emerge. Our dentists will recommend removal when your wisdom teeth erupt partially or cause crowding and bite misalignment. Extraction is also necessary when wisdom teeth may damage neighboring teeth or develop a cyst that may destroy tooth roots and bone structures.

Gentle Tooth Extractions in Grand Prairie

At Great Southwest Family Dental, we provide simple and wisdom tooth extraction services for Grand Prairie patients of all ages. We will discuss your unique situation and determine the right plan of treatment you need. You can trust us to discuss your treatment options, answer all your questions, and help you make a confident and informed decision about your oral health. To learn whether Grand Prairie tooth extraction is the right choice for you, contact our experienced and caring dentists today.



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