Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration

Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration in Grand Prairie

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Do you remember losing a tooth as a kid, and feeling that strange feeling of a having a gap in your mouth? The hole from your missing tooth would feel strange and a bit uncomfortable, and you would always find yourself accidentally sticking your tongue in the empty space, surprised that there was just nothing there. Needless to say, food would also get stuck in the gap, causing all sorts of annoyances and discomfort until your adult tooth finally grew in. However, unlike losing your tooth as a child, there is no relief of another tooth growing in its place. You only get one chance, and once your permanent tooth is gone, that gap will stay empty.

Thankfully, however, we no longer have to face the embarrassment or discomfort of having an empty hole in our smile. Due to the advances in dental technology, Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants now has natural, brilliant implants that replace missing teeth and resolve any issues for problematic dentures. Implants are not only strong in supporting and stabilizing your other surrounding teeth or dental appliances but look perfectly natural.

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Hybridge: The Full Mouth Restoration Bridge System

If you are looking for a total tooth replacement option, the Hybridge full mouth bridge is your go-to solution. The process involves removing all of the upper and lower teeth at the same time. When the teeth are removed, the five lower implants are placed. The implants in the upper jaw may not be able to be placed right away, as the bone may need to heel. To ensure that you go home with a beautiful smile the same day your teeth are removed, you will receive temporary Hybridge teeth.

The upper six implants will need to be inserted after the bone has healed. Once all the implants are in, the Hybridge laboratory will create the permanent restorations. You will be able to view and approve the teeth before they finalize the processing. The teeth will be delivered to your dentist who will ensure that they are inserted and properly adjusted. Your doctor will fasten your Hybridge restorations with screws leaving you with a new set of beautiful permanent teeth. You’ll be smiling confidently and eating the food you enjoy within weeks of beginning the Hybridge full mouth implant process.

The Benefits of Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration

Some primary advantages for the hybridge full mouth restoration system:

  • Getting one or more of your missing teeth replaced, without having any of the adjacent or nearby teeth being negatively affected
  • Fixing any bite problems, jaw swelling, or joint issues that occur when teeth grind or shift in the empty space left by the missing tooth
  • Returning a big smile of confidence to a patient’s face
  • Making functions such as speaking, chewing, and digesting normal again
  • Preserving and even enhancing the tissues and muscles of the face
  • Adding secure stability to dentures as well as bridges, supporting them to be far more comfortable and strong

Supportive Care After Procedures

If the implants or artificial teeth feel uncomfortable, we will do as many fittings as it takes to make your teeth fit completely naturally. After you receive your Hybridge Full-Mouth Restoration in Grand Prairie, you can count on total care every step of the way.

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