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While people may claim that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” recent expert studies have demonstrated that having a white smile is a critical component of improving one's self-confidence, along with mental and social health. Even required prescription medications can add to the stains on our teeth, continuously graying or yellowing them despite rigorous brushing and flossing. If this has been occurring to you, simply reach out for quality teeth whitening services in Grand Prairie, and our committed dentists will see to your needs.

One of the most cutting-edge approaches to teeth-whitening is the Philips ZOOM System!® Chairside Whitening System, also called ZOOM System®. This option is becoming so popular among our patients because it is extremely fast and effective, unlike many slow options on the market. It is also due to its being safe and healthy for your teeth due to the most recent progressions made in dental technology. You can trust Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants to use the most advanced options to ensure that your teeth are shining and strong.

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How Does Philips ZOOM Whitening System!® Work?

ZOOM System® uses a special bleaching process to brighten and lighten both your teeth dentin and enamel, which is accomplished using a 22% dosage of hydrogen peroxide. In the hydrogen peroxide gel, the smallest of oxygen bubbles break down the chemicals contributing to yellowing and staining your teeth.

To then speed up the process, the Philips ZOOM Brilliant Professional Whitening Device is used. The patented ZOOM light system is one-of-a-kind, since it brilliantly combines heat as well as light to make sure that the whitening oxygens stay on your teeth, instead of immediately sliding off.

Advantages of the ZOOM Whitening System!®

If you did a search for whitening treatments online or in your local pharmacy, you would see hundreds of different treatments for whitening being offered. Unfortunately, most of these bleaching pastes, take-home strips, and gradual whitening gels are simply not effective, and you end up wasting your money repeatedly.

On the other hand, ZOOM Whitening System!® has many proven benefits over these sham treatments, including:

  • Every one of your teeth get simultaneous treatment, rather than single treatments
  • Both the procedure and the treatment are completely safe and tested
  • Your teeth become whiter at a much faster rate
  • The whitening of your teeth lasts far longer than other treatments
  • You will have greatly reduced sensitivity and pain
  • One of our experienced dentists performs all the treatments, so there is no risk of making a mistake at home.

Durability & Dependability

While it can be tempting to try to whiten your teeth at home, you will eventually just become frustrated by how much money you spend on ineffective treatments. Even if you find a gel that temporarily works, you will come to hate how often you need to use it to keep your teeth from becoming stained again. If you come to our offices at Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants, however, our skilled dentists can give you options that are both durable and dependable. Our teeth whitening services in Grand Prairie will make your smile stay for good.

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