Jaw Bone Reconstruction

Jaw Bone Reconstruction in Grand Prairie

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Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants provides jaw bone reconstruction treatments in Grand Prairie. If you have suffered from bone loss and other defects in your jaw, trust our experienced dentists to deliver the best solutions. We have extensive experience using advanced dental technology to rebuild deteriorated upper and lower jaw bones.

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The Causes of Bone Loss in the Jaw

Your jawbone, like the other bones in your body, requires specific stimulation to continue building new bone mass. It is your teeth that provide this stimulation when you bite and chew. The force generated by biting transfers through the teeth and tooth roots into the jawbone. The result is the creation of new bone cells which replace the old cells. This process is necessary to keep your jaw bone as healthy as possible. An absence of this type of stimulation can cause deterioration and significant loss of bone mass. This occurrence is known as resorption.

There are several things that can cause jaw bone deterioration, including:

  • Missing teeth
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Sinus deficiencies
  • Bite Misalignment
  • Tumors

Reconstruction Treatment for Advanced Bone Loss

Those who have severely resorbed jaw bones are susceptible to a variety of facial changes. This includes a thinning of the lips, a sunken-in appearance of the lower lip, a sagging of the chin, and an increase in the amount and depth of wrinkles around the mouth.

The solution for this type of advanced bone loss is jaw bone reconstruction. The process involves a combination of treatments including bone grafting and implant placement. This is a necessary step in the tooth replacement process for those with substantial jaw bone deterioration. It enables a stable foundation to be built on which new teeth can be placed. The treatment also involves a reconstruction of the soft tissues to reduce the appearance of facial aging.

The Benefits of Jaw Bone Reconstruction

There are several advantages to having our experienced dental team rebuild your jaw, including:

  • It will create a platform so that you can receive dental implants for tooth replacement
  • It enables denture-wearers to switch to implant-supported dentures, which are much more secure and slip-resistant
  • It allows your jaw profile to be rebuilt to overcome and prevent the sunken look, which helps you look younger
  • It thickens lips to their former condition
  • It eliminates many of the wrinkles and creases in your face

Recovering from Jaw Bone Reconstruction

Jaw bone reconstruction is a unique treatment that often involves a series of surgical procedures. It is common to experience some pain, swelling, and soreness for a few days following these types of treatments. Most people are able to manage the discomfort with a standard dosage of 600mg of ibuprofen. Following the procedure, our dental team will also provide you with specific instructions about how to best care for your mouth during the recovery period.

To schedule an appointment for jaw bone reconstruction in Grand Prairie, call Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants at (972) 433-7970 today.

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