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Hidden deep within the back of your mouth are four teeth ironically known as wisdom teeth, even though they seem to contribute neither knowledge, nor serve any other useful function. Although they were originally associated with maturity, nowadays we associated these wisdom teeth or "third molars" as a great nuisance and pain.

Wisdom teeth normally emerge when people are between the ages of 17-25, but even at this stage, the adult human mouth is not normally large enough to accommodate space for the new teeth. At Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants, we can provide high-quality extractions in Grand Prairie that will keep your mouth safe and pain-free from wisdom teeth issues.

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Types of Wisdom Teeth Impaction

Depending on how far your wisdom teeth have erupted, there are different issues from which you might be suffering. Identifying the amount of impaction based on how far your teeth are still beneath the surface will distinguish what type of extraction or operation you'll need.

Three main degrees of impaction you may be experiencing include:

  • Soft tissue impaction: In this scenario, the top of the tooth, known as the crown, has emerged up from the bone, but the gum is still enclosing part of all of the crown. However, whether the gum is breaking away or still covering the entire crown, it is often susceptible to an infection. When food gets caught under the gum, it can also lead to further tooth decay, as well as truly painful swelling.
  • Partial bony impaction: When your tooth has started to emerge, but some of the crown is still hidden underneath the gum, it becomes very difficult to clean the area and remove food. This inevitably leads to more infections.
  • Complete bony impaction: At this point, the crown is still totally surrounded by your jawbone and covered with your gum. While the lack of exposure to food makes it less prone to certain infections, it can still cause pain and swelling beneath the surface, and requires complicated strategies to remove it from the jaw.

Causes for Removing Wisdom Teeth

Although not all wisdom teeth would necessarily need to be removed due to an infection, we always advise that wisdom teeth are extracted long before more disastrous problems occur. It is much easier to remove these molars when you do not also have decay, searing pain, gum swelling or any type of tooth infection.

Removing your third molars now will prevent your future suffering, especially through common hazardous results, including:

  • Infection: When remnants of food get trapped beneath your gums, bacteria grows and feeds on the plaque. This results in nasty, agonizing infections that will require a careful operation to remove properly.
  • Harm to your other teeth: Second molars, which are the teeth right in front of your wisdom teeth, and even first molars can be damaged by the infections and pain from your wisdom teeth. You will have an even higher risk of cavities, periodontal gum disease, and even gum and bone loss
  • More serious diseases: Sometimes, wisdom teeth that remain in your jawbone can even lead to cancerous tumors and cysts growing within your mouth.

A Thorough Examination

Before you get any procedure, it is crucial to first get an initial, detailed examination of your teeth’s current status. Our skillful dentists at Great Southwest Family Dental and Implants will take X-rays to see the exact position of your third molars and configure the best time to remove them. These tests can also show whether you are experiencing tooth problems in the rest of your mouth. By evaluating and treating your wisdom teeth early on, you can save yourself a lot of pain and hassle.

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